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    Best Image Masking Services

    Most images or photographs are easy to cut out or isolate from its background. But what you have got also some images with a fuzzy border or furry edge? Then sit back and relax because we have a solution to that also- Image masking! Using clipping path tool on images with blurry edges, such as that of fur or hair, one can obtain a clear and carefully cropped out image. Types of images that contain elements such as hair, fur, fuzzy edge, transparent objects etc. require image masking. Our skilled experts provide with the best image masking techniques which can be only done with excellence if done manually. Doing image masking manually requires concentration, good skills as well as experience and our talented team is equipped with all of them. If an image is complex with a lot of details that require attention, the background eraser tool option in the Photoshop is an option but it certainly cannot provide a professional outcome. Our talented team ensures a clean image without any smallest flaws left on the overall image processing that gives the photograph a professional finished outlook. The team of experts works efficiently to ensure the proper balance of quality and outcome whilst separating from dark and gradient colors.



    Photoshop Clipping Path is one of the most demanding services in the image industry. Though there are many software or automated program which will help you to get rid of unwanted parts of an image. Magic wand is one of such a tool from Adobe Photoshop which will create automated paths around the edges. Its quick but the quality will never reach the best in this way. Random parts of the background will still be visible in places and the final result will not be professional in any way.

    We also provide services for mixed images which may have both sharp edges as well as blurry edges for example your pet’s ( let’s say a dog) picture with sharp edges near the feet but fuzzy edges near the fluffy furry body. In such cases we use both clipping path for the sharp edges and then combine it with image masking for the fluffy edges. The resulting image is an excellently processed image of high resolution and quality.

    The final image can be utilized as a part of the indexes, flyers, handouts of e-organizations. Photoshop Image Masking starts at just $1.50 USD per image and you get great discount on bulk orders.

    At this section we provide –

    • Hair / Fur Masking
    • Transparent Masking
    • Layer Masking
    • Alpha/ Channel Masking
    • Translucent Masking
    • Color Correction Masking

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